Massage Car Seat Cushion

Characteristics: 1. Massage car seat cushion help to guide our bodies to the correct position. Good posture is crucial for the health of our neck and back. And people with good posture also look slimmer. 2. Massage car seat cushion distributes weight evenly as you are seated. This will help to keep the blood flowing through legs so you can avoid poor circulation. 3. Massage car seat cushion is ideal for a range of people, not just those who use their car for a living. Young and old, everyday commuters and long-distance drivers can all benefit from a car seat cushion.

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Product Details

ProductMassage Car Seat Cushion
MaterialFilling: 100% ployurethane + Cover: 100% polyester
FunctionEffective pain relief
UsageCar saet, office chair, outdoor seat
MOQ100 pieces
PackingPE bag, non-woven bag, color box


  1. Massage car seat cushion can relieve users from the fatigue of sedentariness and sore.

  2. Massage car seat cushion helps to absorb the pressure and weight when seated, relieving your lower back from this task.

  3. Massage car seat cushion cam help you to work in office and sit on your desk for hours on end without feel pain in neck, back and shoulder.

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