Memory Pillow Necessary Common Sense

- Sep 01, 2017 -

The same section of the memory pillow sold abroad than domestic cheaper. Foreign more money, the effect than our China to higher, this phenomenon is now widespread, not only memory pillow has this situation, apparel, automobiles and other foreign countries are cheaper than domestic sales.
New things are going to smell when you buy them back. Refrigerators, clothes, shoes are also taste, memory pillow is the same, but this flavor of our personal is not hurt, if the smell is not good, we can put out the sun, all the wind, a few days taste will disappear. If the shoes are not ventilated, the sun is also OK, wear a few days to taste will naturally disappear.
Memory pillow rebound is a certain speed, some people will be the pillow rebound speed, the slower the better, the slower the pillow core inside the material is very soft, very suitable for their own use. In fact, if we go to bed while the other side of the pillow does not bounce, so the pillow will be squashed over time, the pillow will become low, the use of too soft pillows on the spine is not good, all to use a slightly harder pillow, a little hard pillow, the use of a bit longer.

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