Memory Pillow: How Does The Pillow Fit In Everyday Sleep?

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Pillow easy to cause cervical spondylosis: The Ancients Cloud, peace of mind. However, there are many patients with stiff neck in medical clinic because of sleeping too high pillow. If you sleep on the pillow is too high, it will change the normal physiological bending of the cervical spine, so that muscle fatigue injury and ligament traction strain, resulting in spasm, inflammation, and so on, and neck and shoulder pain, hand numbness, dizziness and other symptoms. Clinically, pillow is one of the common causes causing stiff neck and cervical spondylosis. The low pillow makes the blood supply unbalanced: pillow is not good, with low pillow or simply do not need a pillow is not it? Experts believe that pillows are too low or not conducive to health. Some people suffering from cervical spondylosis think that the use of pillows can be conducive to recovery, in fact, this idea is not scientific. Does not cushion the pillow, the person supine excessively leans back, easy open mouth breath, then produces the mouth dry, the tongue is dry, the sore throat and the snoring phenomenon. If you do not cushion the pillow, side of the neck muscle also due to stretching, fatigue and cause spasm, pain, there is "stiff neck."
Too low a pillow will make blood supply not too balanced, prone to swelling nasal mucosa congestion, and nasal mucosa is very sensitive, a swelling will affect the breathing. If the neck and shoulders are sore after waking up, it may also be that pillows are too low or not used to create pillows.
So, how good is the pillow? The ancient medical in China once pointed out: "The size of the match, so that the side of the shoulder flat, that is supine also Jian Shu." In other words, the height of the pillow, to supine head and torso to maintain the level is appropriate, that is supine pillow high boxing, lying on the side of the pillow when the upper fist half. Generally, the pillow height is 10-15 centimeters more suitable, the specific size also depends on each person's physiological radian.
Pillows are soft and hard to moderate.
In addition to the height of the pillow, experts believe that the hardness of the pillow should also be noted. Excellent pillow, with a small contact area of the head, the pressure increases, the scalp is not comfortable; conversely, the pillow is too soft, difficult to maintain a certain height, the neck muscle easy fatigue, also is not conducive to sleep, and the head in the meantime, affect the blood circulation. So the pillow should be selected slightly softer, but also without losing some hardness.
Pillow should also have a certain degree of elasticity, if the pillow elasticity is too strong, the head is constantly subjected to external elasticity, resulting in muscle fatigue and injury. Hangzhou EMBO Household Goods Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development, production and sales of new high-quality memory cotton products National High-tech enterprises, mainly producing all kinds of slow rebound memory pillow, high rebound pillow, cushion, cushion, such as a series of bedding and car accessories.

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