Memory Pillow Health Tips: The Pillow Should Be Cleaned In Time To Prevent Bacterial Breeding

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Buckwheat Skin Pillow: regular cleaning of debris. Buckwheat Skin pillow core, tea pillow, pillow, etc., generally have a health care effect, if washed, not only affect health effects, but also very easy to mold. But this kind of pillow core used for a long time, will produce some debris and dust, easy to trigger allergies. Therefore, every period of time, can be buckwheat skin, tea, such as poured out, sieve the crumbs, spread out in the sun can be dried, note that contains aromatic herbal ingredients pillow suitable in a cool, ventilated place to dry.

Feather Pillow Core: Rinse with a little white vinegar. This type of pillow light, breathable, fluffy, not easy to deformation, can provide better support for the head. But in the ointment, it is not easy to clean. If the cleaning is not appropriate, but will make pillow core knot. Down Pillow core is not suitable for machine washing, washing, first put the pillow in cold water immersion 20 minutes, and then put to 30 ℃ of warm, add neutral detergent soak for 15 minutes, and then gently scrub with soft brush. Rinse can add 4-5 tablespoons of white vinegar in a basin of warm water, so that the remaining alkali washing liquid in the core and down pillow can reduce the damage to the feather. After washing, do not twist too dry, with both hands to squeeze water, in the shade dry, can be gently tapped pillow core, so that the feather recovery fluffy soft.

Latex Pillow Core: Do not direct sun. This kind of pillow is good elasticity, strong support, and not easy to accumulate dust and so on, especially suitable for people with easy respiratory allergy. Cleaning, should first with a detergent with a cold water immersion, and then with the hands pressure, and then rinse with water. After washing with dry cloth to absorb water, place in the shade dry, do not bask in the sun, lest the material oxidize and deteriorate.

Chemical Fiber Pillow Core: towel wash. This kind of pillow price is relatively cheap, but because of chemical fiber permeability is poor, with a long time easy deformation, caking, loss of elasticity, affect the spine health. Therefore, in addition to diligent cleaning, but also pay attention to the replacement at least once a year. Cleaning, the choice of mild detergent, if machine wash, it is best to pack a large towel to balance water flow, prevent deformation. It should be noted that the chemical fiber pillow to rinse several times, fully bleach the inside of the washing fluid until the water is clear. After washing to dry or dry as soon as possible, help the pillow restore flexibility, become soft and fluffy.

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