Manufacturing Technology Of Slow Rebound Memory Pillow

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Slow rebound memory cotton has excellent decompression characteristics, decompression is the absorption of human body pressure. When the human body contact material, the material will be the body temperature induction, gradually become soft, while absorbing the human body pressure, so as to adjust the body to the most comfortable posture state. The mattress and pillow show that when the person lying on the mattress and pillow, supine spine is the S-shape of the natural bending of the state, lateral side of the spine bending. At the same time, mattresses and pillows have no pressing points for the body, which is the material advantage of slow rebound.
Slow rebound pillow manufacturing process has two kinds: cutting and molding. Cutting is to buy the finished product slow rebound sponge, cut into the shape of the pillow, because the molding is by cutting rather than the mold + auxiliaries, do not add other additives so even the pure polyurethane density can only be 40d-70d.
Mold is the use of molds by adding additives, foam, mold, such as the suppression of a series of processes, due to the addition of other additives, including foaming, soft and other chemical additives, so the density increased to 70d-90d around, feel good, the use of the pillow life is not related to the process.

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