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- Sep 04, 2017 -

Modern human life to live sleep and so have a large quality requirements, such as housing environment, furniture art, mattress sofa, bedding, memory mattresses, memory pillows. The age of youth also came to this note the Cotton mattress and pillow market sales are very large, the current annual production and demand is also increasing, if the product of a certain brand and technology content can quickly occupy the industry to occupy the memory of cotton market first need to understand its product characteristics and related details;

Memory mattress refers to the use of memory cotton as a material mattress, with the characteristics of decompression, slow rebound, temperature, breathable and antibacterial mites, this mattress can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, according to the different temperature changes in the body of soft hardness, accurate shape of the shape of the body, resulting in a sense of pressure-free, while giving the body effective support, The medical evidence can effectively alleviate the musculoskeletal pain, assist in the treatment of cervical and lumbar problems, reduce snoring, more than turning over insomnia, prolong deep sleep time, improve sleep quality.

Memory cotton is also called slow rebound space material, was born in the early 1970 's, is NASA's Ames Research Center in order to reduce the astronauts from the great pressure to take off, and specially developed the decompression characteristics of technology. In the 1980, NASA committed to civilian research and development, and after nearly 10 years of further research and improvement, the space-extracting material was refined into a high-quality memory cotton material and used in sleeping products such as mattresses and pillows. The successful use of space technology in civilian products, and the benefit of human life, has been affirmed by NASA.

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