Do You Really Need A Memory Pillow?

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Some businesses say that memory pillow can change shape according to head and neck shape, protect and maintain the physiological state of the cervical vertebra, correct and prevent the physiological curvature deformation. Improve sleep quality, especially for insomnia, stiff neck, cervical vertebra disease patient.

According to the authoritative definition of health function Textiles of China Health Association, the Home textiles with health function should be designed to regulate and improve the function of human body, not to treat disease, and to have no toxic side effect on human body.

There are a lot of domestic and foreign consumers of the use of the survey, the study of different materials pillow comfort, in accordance with comfort from high to low arrangement, pillow categories are: latex pillow, buckwheat skin, such as traditional pillow, polyurethane memory pillow, feather pillow.

In fact, as long as according to their own habits to choose the right pillow, you can improve the quality of sleep, not necessarily memory pillow.

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