A Brief Description Of The Difference Between Memory Pillow And Latex Pillow

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Many people mistakenly think that memory pillow is latex pillow, some may know latex pillow but do not know the memory pillow, then the memory pillow and latex pillow What is the difference and connection? That pillow is better, then give you a specific introduction below.
Memory pillow and latex pillow contact, taste. Generally speaking, latex pillow and memory pillow will have the phenomenon of odor, are placed outside for a period of time after the good, these flavors will not have harm to the human body. Latex pillow and memory pillow are antibacterial, anti mite performance, the health of the human body is good.
The difference between a memory pillow and a latex pillow, latex pillow may have some people will have allergies, and memory pillow so far no one appears allergic to the phenomenon; memory pillow in breathable and moisture absorption this ability is significantly higher than latex pillow, but its service life is only 1-2 years, Memory pillow life is far less than latex pillow, It can be used for 10-15 years, meanwhile, the price of latex pillow is much more expensive than that of memory pillow.
In a word, the memory pillow and latex pillow are all good, so, consumers in the purchase should be based on their own circumstances, choose the right pillow.

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