70*32*11-9cm Memory Foam Contour Pillow With Hole Order

- May 03, 2018 -

Germany customer opens some new models of memory foam contour pillow with hole. This new memory foam contour pillow size is 70*32*11-9cm. This pillow is with hole, so it is comfortable and breathable.

This order is his the third order. Hope we will have long term business in th furture.

If any other customers are also interested in our 70*32*11-9cm memory foam contour pillow, you can also take this pillow without hole or take other sizes memory foam contour pillow with hole.

There are other four sizes for your choice-50*30*10-7cm,55*35*10-9cm,60*30*12-9cm and 60*40*12*10cm.

Welcome to take any items you are interested in!




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