Talking about the three elements of memory pillow and the cleaning precautions

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Because the memory sponge has an open cell solid structure, it makes it much higher than the general sponge in the aspects of decompression, comfort, and the ability to recover after compression. Thus made into the memory pillow, its elegant pillow-type compliance with the cervical curve, effectively supporting the cervical spine, prevent cervical deformation. Long-time use has a good effect on the prevention of cervical spondylosis and the alleviation of pain. So how to choose the memory pillow? Remember to buy the following three elements:
1. The heavier the better: the higher the density of memory pillow, the better the quality. The same volume of memory pillow, heavier weight, the better the quality.
2. Slowly rebound: the memory pillow after the force, not immediately restore the original shape, but the slower recovery shape.
3. Temperature sensitivity effect: Low temperature hardens, the high temperature becomes soft. Hold the memory pillow for a while to see if it becomes soft. The temperature sensitive is a good quality memory pillow.
Slow rebound memory pillow inside are polyurethane foam, if used washing machine, will absorb a lot of water, and can not be dried, easy to breed mold. So how to clean the memory pillow?
1. Wash the stain on the pillow with water and mild detergent.
2. Clean the memory sponge pillow thoroughly with vacuum cleaner, remove dust and small particles.
3. If the memory pillow has the peculiar smell, may use the hair dryer to blow, has the use volatilization.
4. The memory pillow is ventilated in a cool ventilated place after 1-3 months, and keep in mind that it is not exposed.

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