Principle and function of magnetic therapy memory Pillow

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Because of some of our posture, sleeping position is not correct, will inevitably lead to some cervical disease. It brings the acid tingling pain will more or less cause our discomfort, thus affecting learning and work, people also become painful. To cope with the disease, people invented magnetic memory pillow.
Magnetic Memory Pillow principle is: By the magnet evenly distributed in the pillow, the use of magnetic magnetic field and the human magnetic field to the human body, improve the blood circulation of the human body, so as to alleviate the pain of the neck, the role of deformation, can effectively promote the relaxation of the human brain, help the brain to rest, thus achieving the goal of improving sleep quality.
Scientific experiments show that the magnetic memory pillow has many different shapes, most of which are useful. Previous memory pillow did not take into account that people have a variety of different sleep habits, often can only be used on supine sleep. Magnetic memory pillow after improvement, design a new memory pillow, so that people can not only supine, lying on the side also feel very useful, sleep very comfortable.
The special design of magnetic memory pillow makes the head and neck stress very balanced, sleep on the above on the surface, floating in the clouds so buoyant feeling, will not appear like sleeping on the pillow of the kind of pressure to the ear of the situation, can let a person quickly into the deep sleep, feel not a trace of oppression, very relaxed good sleep.
I believe a lot of people have been in the case of stiff neck, the second day after the neck up, there will be a dislocation of the throat uncomfortable feeling. Magnetic memory pillow can prevent and reduce the situation of stiff neck, because he has the ability to shape automatically, to be able to fix your head. You can also fill the gap around your shoulder and make you sleep more soundly.
Compared to the ordinary memory pillow, magnetic therapy memory pillow itself with the electromagnetic field is also good for the human body. Its magnetic field is just right, it can improve the body's sleep quality, and will not adversely affect the human body. It will ensure that you sleep until dawn and wake up naturally in the morning, refreshing your brain.
The choice of magnetic therapy memory Pillow two points: first, must purchase the regular magnetic therapy memory pillow, will have the benefit to the human body, the inferior false memory pillow who also can not say to the human body to bring how harm. But the magnetic field of memory pillow is not the stronger the better, because there is always a degree, after this degree will produce side effects.

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