Not pillow and pillow are harmful to health

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Pillow, head position is lower than the heart, will lead to the blood flow into the head of more, affect the head blood circulation, blood vessel filling, tube wall pressure, wake up will feel dizzy, eyelid edema, seriously affect the quality of sleep. and head up to sleep, the chest is also associated with a slight elevation, so that the lower body blood can be downstream, can reduce the burden of the heart. and pillow can cause cervical vertebra injury. The cervical spine is located at the top of the human spine, wrapped in the neck and consists of 7 vertebrae. The so-called physiological radian is a sleek, forward-facing arc formed by the 7 vertebrae, and the function of the pillow is to maintain this normal physiological curve. If a long time without a pillow should bend the cervical spine will become straight, it will be hunched, the cervical vertebra damage, and will affect the health of the spine.
Highly unsuitable, soft and hard pillows are also detrimental to sleep, even to the health of your cervical spine.
Memory pillow has a good plastic capacity, according to the individual, design different heights of pillows; soft and without losing support, no reaction, always fit the human cervical curvature, is the memory pillow than other pillows can not have the advantage.

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