Memory pillow compared with traditional pillow

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Nowadays, pillows are divided into effective pillows and ordinary pillows. One of the effective pillow to memory pillow for the representative, below to introduce to you, memory pillow and the traditional pillow which the difference between the human body has what benefits.
Ordinary pillows will make our intervertebral discs, the pressure between the spine twists and turns is not relaxed and links, prone to fatigue and stiff neck problems, but also hinder the blood circulation of our whole body, thus affecting our normal sleep and rest, if prolonged in this state, not only affect our lives, And it's bad for our bodies. In this case, the effect of the memory pillow is self-evident.
The memory pillow is compatible with our 23 degree physiological elevation, sleep has the effect of natural traction, we can damage the cervical spine ligament, nerve natural recovery, effective relief of the neck muscles, has played a role in the prevention of cervical acid, pain, stiffness and other ailments, has played a role in the treatment of cervical vertebra.

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