Memory Foam Travel Pillow

- May 03, 2018 -

Many of us will have at least one long car, coach, plane or boat journey planned to get to an event or holiday destination. And good way to deal with this trip is to get comfortable and sleep through it until you arrive, ideally feeling refreshed. Good way you’re going to get a good nap though is with a memory foam travel pillow. Memory foam travel pillow can come in a whole variety of shapes - from the traditional U-shape to whole head coverings. You can use our memory foam travel pillow on trains, planes and in cars on journeys. It is easy to set up and pack away and the actual amount of sleep you had using them.

Our memory foam is made from high density memory foam, so it’s great for moulding to your neck shape and continuing to be comfortable no matter how long your journey is. Another good feature is the soft travel pillow cover, which is comfortable to rest your head on and can easily be removed and put in the washing machine ready for your next journey.

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