Memory Foam Seat Cushion

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Memory foam seat cushion provides support for your back. After sitting on a seat for too long, back tends to ache or muscle is fatigued. After using the memory foam seat cushions, the aching became much less serve.  And memory foam seat cushion helps relieve muscle fatigue well. The memory foam seat cushion will completely remove the pain? No, It wouldn't but it definitely reduced it. This is due to the support the memory foam seat cushions gave for tailbone , buttocks and back in general. Memory foam seat cushion also helps relieve back and buttocks pressure due to long time sitting when you work in office.

Our memory foam seat cushion is also very comfortable to sit in. Unlike other foam cushions which tend to sink it, our memory foam seat cushions is with high quality and slow rebound memory foam that tend to retain their shape even after long hours of sitting in it. Memory foam seat cushion could be used in car seat, chair, outdoor, stadium seat and so on. It is easy to carry. A handle and non-slip bottom cover could be added. Non- slip bottom cover could reduce movement on chair.

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car seat cushion.jpg

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