Memory Foam Pillow vs Other Pillow Types

- Apr 12, 2018 -

Memory Foam Pillow vs. Other Pillow Types. Even though many pillows look the same on the outside shape, it's what's on the inside that counts. Memory foam – which is made of polyurethane – is one of the most common types of foam pillows. Memory foam pillow is durable and flexible. Memory foam pillow provides good support for head, neck and shoulder because of its characteristic-slow rebound. 

Other pillow types include everything from down pillows – filled with duck and goose feathers – to buckwheat, aromatherapy, water, down alternative, cotton pillows. These kind of pillow are soft and supportive, too. They are not slow rebound and will be flatted slowly. They can’t provide good support all the time.

There are also some memory foam pillows with a gel layer. It is cool and soft in hot summer.


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