Introduction of two types of memory pillow using method

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Different external structure of the memory pillow, the use of a slightly different method. In life, our common memory pillow is divided into two types: one is the S-type memory pillow, the other is a butterfly-type memory pillow.
1. S-type Memory pillow use method:
No matter what kind of sleep the human body is used, you can use it at will, but note that: s-type memory pillow is a relatively high side of the neck is attached to the position, the lower side is attached to the head position. Must not turn the two upside down to use, otherwise can not protect the purpose and function of the cervical vertebra, may also cause cervical vertebra discomfort.
2. How to use the Butterfly memory pillow:
Ideally, the use of a butterfly pillow is slightly different from that of S-type memory pillows. suggested that the body in the supine, cervical vertebrae and pillows in the middle of the fitting together, because the pillow design has a groove, the head just fit in it, and the cervical part of the pillow to achieve a good support effect and effect.
People in the side sleep, suggested to memory pillow on both sides of the use, because the pillow on both sides of the height of the middle of the pillow than the higher part of the high, when the human side sleep, shoulder just parallel to the pillow, will not let the head damage caused by cervical vertebra injury.

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