how to clean Memory foam pillow

- Mar 03, 2018 -

Memory foam pillow cleaning method:

Memory foam  pillow can be disassembled easy to clean, can be hand-washing machine wash, but its inner core does not need cleaning, do not put the washing machine stirring, memory cotton pillow can not be exposed, must be away from high temperatures and fire, sun Or washed will destroy the natural latex pillow, memory cotton structure, greatly shorten the service life. Exposure to memory cotton material aging and will be yellow, washed water makes memory foam becomes very heavy, the pillow can not leak water inside. Always keep the product dry, regularly ventilated to dry, clean the pillow every month with a vacuum cleaner or beat the pillow gently, if inadvertently wet, immediately with a towel to dry, placed in ventilated place can be dried.

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Memory foam pillow, also known as "memory pillow", is a pillow made of slow rebound material, generally made of polyurethane material, with viscoelastic properties, when the head and neck position changes will automatically occur when the deformation, Ministry of the position of close integration, fixed head, head slip caused by stiff neck.

Memory sponge pillow Features:

1, absorb the impact of memory cotton pillow super impact on the absorption of your skin is not any sense of oppression, as if sleeping on the water in general.

2, anti-bacterial anti-mite. The use of slow rebound sponge material can inhibit the growth of mold, repel the odor generated by the growth of mold, and become more prominent when sweat and saliva are present.

3, good breathable moisture absorption, each cell unit is interconnected, moisture absorption and permeability are excellent.

4, the ability of automatic molding. Memory cotton pillow in accordance with ergonomic design, memory deformation, the ability to automatically plastic can fix the skull and fill the shoulder gap to reduce the possibility of stiff neck to avoid air leakage on the shoulder to prevent the occurrence of cervical problems.

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