How to choose travel pillow

- Jul 26, 2018 -

When you want to buy a travel pillow, the question shouldn’t be “What is the best travel pillow?” but rather “What is the best travel pillow for YOU?” Our bodies are designed differently, so what might be the best airplane pillow for me might be something completely different for you.

If you sit too long while you are in flight or car travel, you may feel neck pain. so you need a soft travel pillow with good neck support. 

Something else to consider is the size and shape of the travel pillow. Do you want to carry it around with you when you reach your destination? Inflatable travel pillows take up a lot less space, but may not offer the support you need. Memory foam travel pillows mould into the shape of your head and neck, but tend to be a lot more bulky. If space is a concern, this is definitely a consideration.

But now, space is not a concern of travel pillow. Our new style memory foam travel pillow could be rolled. After rolling, this pillow is as small as telephone. You can put it in you bag or suitcase, also you can hang it on you bag belt or trolley.

Travel Pillow Neck Support (1).jpg

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