How to choose the best memory pillow?

- Sep 01, 2017 -

We are in shopping malls can see the memory pillow is now selling very hot, so the price is relatively high, then how can we choose the quality of the memory pillow? Let's get to know.

1. Look at the pillow core
A good health pillow memory pillow Pillow of the surface of the free very small, open the free small memory pillow is relatively better this needs to take the pillow inside the sleeve to check the pillow core, in case the store inside add talcum powder or with some "lack of arms less leg" pillow to deceive customers, some stores will be sewn together with the pillow core, Do not let everyone see pillow core, such pillow is likely to be old, dirty, or even defective, foreign trade surplus goods and due to quality problems of foreign trade return products are not the same, we must remember to take apart.

2. Feel and temperature sensing
A good memory pillow slow rebound sponge feel very comfortable, the feeling will be more delicate and smooth, there will be a wet feeling, like pinch in the flour group or dumplings on the same, almost slow rebound or feel a little xuan, or some stiff. At the same time, this health pillow high-grade slow rebound also has a good temperature induction, will be increased with the temperature of the softer, when the body and slow rebound material contact with the body temperature, the pillow will be more soft, can better wrap and support the human body;

3, Memory pillow density
Memory pillow density is a very important factor, is the basic index of high-grade slow rebound material, relatively speaking, the higher the density is the better, but the density of the memory pillow is 30d-120d unequal, the density is generally at least 80 density above, of course also do not blindly trust density or weight, because the quality is good or bad and the use of raw materials are imported , which country what company entrance, the production craft, the production technology and so on.

4, Memory Pillow Molding Process
A good memory pillow is mostly used PU shaping technology plastic molding, compared to cutting the quiet degree of molding and the effect of better. There is a good plastic molding of the pillow and the core of the soft hardness is the same, some of the quality of the pillow on the edge will be harder than the inner core.

5. Memory Pillow Odor
The material of the memory pillow is the polyurethane foaming, just out of the output to have a certain flavor, it is inevitable. Just like the new shoes and clothes, manufacturers can not put each health pillow in front of the sale to take out the air, ventilation, drying, the atmosphere generally in 1-2 weeks will disappear. But if the scent is still there in the past one months and not completely dispersed, you have to consider whether this is a quality issue.

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