How to choose memory foam pillow suits your need

- Jul 17, 2018 -


There are a variety of shapes ranging from traditional and contoured to rolls and wedges.

Traditional – are great if you prefer the look of a regular pillow, but still, want the support offered by memory foam. 

Contoured – look similar to a traditional pillow although have a dip in the middle which helps to provide added support to the neck and back. There are two heights for your choice. These pillows are good at alleviating snowing, aligning the spine and increasing circulation.

Honeycomb – are memory foam pillows with holes on them which are designed to offer comfortable support and increased airflow while sleeping. These are best for people who enjoy sleeping on their sides or back.

Wedge  – It is memory foam pillow which provides additional support for head and makes head in a different angle. Helps people reduce snoring.

Butterfly Shaped – It is memory foam pillow which provides additional support for shoulder. It also provide comfortable support for head and neck. It is great for people who enjoy sleeping on their basck.


Pillows come in a variety of sizes, so it’s best to choose one that you like and you think best suits your needs and mattress size.


Some pillows come with a cooling gel pad which helps to eliminate some of the concerns regarding the heat retention properties of memory foam and provide added comfort. Some is daubed with cool gel on one side and regular memory foam on the other, while others are infused with gel.


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