How To Choose A Pillow That Ease Your Neck Pain

- Mar 24, 2018 -

Is your pillow hurting your neck and your sleep? Here are three tips from Dr. Bang for choosing a neck-friendly pillow:

1. Pillow that adapt to your position is best

Cervical contour pillows work best for most people, Dr. Bang says. This pillow can support your neck and helps you sleep soundly and pain-free.

Memory foam contour pillows are next best at supporting your neck.

2. Latex foam is generally the best material

Natural latex offers support without heating you up. “People may not realize that they become hot at night. This can make for restless sleep. By sleeping cooler, you sleep deeper,” says Dr. Bang.

Of course, if you’re allergic to latex, you can have a try with memory foam pillows.

3. Feather pillows cause the most neck pain

Feather may be affordable, but they don’t provide much neck stability. You will feel they are comfortable when you first settle in the feather pillow. But the feathers move when you do, so you wind up with no support. That's why you feel pain with your neck.


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