Correct pillow posture to make sleep comfortable

- Sep 01, 2017 -

It's important to sleep properly, pillows must be padded to the neck. Everyone can test themselves, when lying down, the lowest jaw if the upside, it means the pillow is too low, if the chin downward pressure, that is, the pillow is too high, the chin should remain level, is comfortable and correct pillow height.
Sleep takes up one-third of the time, posture should not be careless. Like some parents think that the child to sleep on the hard bed, the bones will grow positive. In fact, the overall buttocks, waist, shoulder three meat how many different, rigid bed will let the body curve can not be affixed to the bed, so can not relax, uncomfortable and unhealthy.
There are many big habits do not cushion the pillow, sleep head will be back, the pressure of the cervical spine is higher than the forward when a double, long-term down, there will be problems. As for the height of the pillow, the young can be slightly lower, the older to be slightly taller, because the cervical spine softness will change with age, the older the more stiff, need more support.
When you sleep in the flat, the pillow is padded from the head to the neck, not to the shoulder, more can not only pad to the head of the half, the best place to put a pillow, knee height should be raised a double, the two knees should also be sandwiched between the pillow; sleep best avoid, because the cervical vertebra will bear too much pressure; Hands up, then get out of bed, do not sit straight on your back. No matter how correct posture, fixed too long is not appropriate, a long time must change, sleep to turn over, sit for a long time to stand up and move, the spine can be maintained well.

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