A brief introduction to the four characteristics of slow rebound memory pillow

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Slow rebound Memory Pillow features:
1. Absorb the impact, pillow on the slow rebound memory pillow feel as if floating in the water or clouds, the skin feel no pressure-like; also known as 0 pressures, sometimes we use the normal pillow will have the phenomenon of oppression of the auricle, but the use of slow rebound memory pillow will not occur this situation.
2. Slow rebound memory pillow is in accordance with ergonomic design, memory deformation, automatic plastic type can be fixed skull, reduce stiff neck may; the ability of automatic plastic type can fill the shoulder gap properly, avoid the common problems of the air leakage on the shoulder, can prevent the cervical vertebra problem effectively.
3. Anti-bacterial mites, slow rebound sponge inhibit mold growth, dispel mold breeding growth of the stimulating odor, when there is perspiration saliva, etc., appears more prominent.
4. Slow rebound memory pillow breathable moisture absorption, because each cell unit is connected to each other, moisture absorption performance is excellent, but also breathable.

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